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Chicken with saft sauce

Chicken with black currant juice and crème fraiche

This may not be one of the most photogenic recipes ever, but it’s definitely a good one that is worth sharing. It’s also unusual in that it has black currant juice concentrate (svartvinbärssaft) in the sauce. The subtle flavor of black currant, paired with thyme and juniper berries, is an intriguing combination for this quick […]

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Kanelbullens dag – cinnamon bun day

Every year on October 4th it’s Kanelbullens dag in Sweden. Time to break out the flour, yeast, and cinnamon, or buy kanelbullar (KUH-neel-BOO-lahr) at your favorite bakery. They are so entrenched in Swedish culture that you will even find them in gas station quick marts and in “convenient” little bags to go. But unlike in […]

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IMG_7648_apple chutney

Äpplets dag – apple day & apple chutney recipe

September 30th is apple day in Sweden this year. It’s time to take advantage of the peak of the season with classics like Swedish apple cake with vanilla sauce, a twist on a classic – lingonberry laced applesauce, or perhaps it’s time to try something new like apple chutney, a specialty of my mother-in-law.

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Fars dag (Father’s Day)

Imported from the U.S. where it originated in 1910, Father’s Day came to Scandinavian countries in 1931. It brings a bit more life to the darkness of fall and is celebrated on the second Sunday in November. It’s also a chance to boost sales before the Christmas rush begins.

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Alla helgons dag (All Saints’ Day)

Alla helgons dag in Sweden is a solemn day of remembrance when lighted candles are placed in cemeteries to remember friends and loved ones who have passed away. In my search for information about the day I found many online sources that referred to it as Sweden’s Halloween. From my perspective it is anything but.

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Halloween in Sweden

What is Halloween like in Sweden? It was basically imported from the U.S. and started to catch on during the 1990s.

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Swedish apple cake with vanilla sauce (äppelkaka med vaniljsås)

There is a saying “as American as apple pie,” but I think you could just as easily say “as Swedish as apple cake.” It’s everywhere and I certainly see it on menus here much more than I ever see apple pie on a menu in the U.S.

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