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Äggets dag – egg day and hard-boiled eggs with dill mayonnaise, shrimp, and caviar

World Egg Day was established by the International Egg Commission in 1996 and is celebrated on the second Friday in October. In Swedish it’s called Äggets Dag (EH-guts dahg) and I thought it was a nice opportunity to highlight the use of eggs in some classic Swedish recipes, as well as present a very simple appetizer.

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Valentine’s Day (Alla Hjärtans Dag) – raspberry lingonberry smoothie

Pink, pink, pink. I have just come off of a pink high for my 5 year-old’s princess birthday party and now it’s nearly Valentine’s Day which means more pink. My mother reminded me that I wasn’t a fan of pink or hearts as a little girl but now that I have two girls of my […]

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Lucia and lussekatter

Filled with candlelight, white robes, singing, and saffron buns, Lucia in Sweden has evolved into a unique tradition that is observed throughout the country on December 13th. Although it isn’t an official holiday, Lucia celebrations are prominent from schools to universities and small towns to big cities. The origins and history of Lucia are quite […]

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Äggakaka is a dish I would normally associate with breakfast or brunch, but it’s considered lunch or even dinner fare in Sweden. 

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Applesauce with lingonberries (äpplemos med lingon)

Here is a bit of a Scandinavian twist on good ‘ol applesauce. My in-laws have a fantastic apple tree that lost a lot of apples in a wind storm. We gathered two bags full of apples just from what had fallen and there are still loads of them on the tree.

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Swedish pancakes with wild raspberries

This is still a favorite recipe from my childhood and now my kids can’t get enough of them. The recipe came from my Swedish grandmother but unfortunately I can no longer ask her the true source. The pancakes I have tried in Sweden are not quite the same since this version seems to have a higher […]

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Gjetost on rye toast with strawberry redcurrant jam

I can’t say with certainty whether eating jam and cheese with bread is typically European, but I know I didn’t grow up with this combination in the United States. Most of my European friends (my husband included) have cringed at the idea of peanut butter and jelly, and I in turn, cringed at their idea […]

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