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Plum tuckered out

What do you do when you have picked 30 pounds (13.5kg) of plums at your friend’s place? You leave 15 pounds for her to deal with and take the rest home to begin on chutney, jam, cakes, jam, liqueur, jam, and then you consider force feeding the rest to your family. Anything to use them up fast.

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Fish soup with tomato and thyme

It’s been a bit of a weather rollercoaster in Malmö lately with some days feeling more like early fall than July. Yet another rainy day seemed to call for soup. Fisksoppa (fish soup) is common on menus in Sweden and I’ve ordered several tomato-based versions that are really lovely and I was anxious to try making one […]

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Drumbar – pork knuckle

It is really unwise of me to write this post when I’m hungry because it is all I can do to keep myself from running out the door and getting to Drumbar as quickly as possible. Formerly known as Czech Point, Drumbar morphed into a Scottish Pub this past spring and wisely kept the to-die-for Pork Knuckle […]

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Swedish strawberry culture

It’s the height of the short Swedish strawberry season and the berries are out en masse. When the Lönnslätts Bär strawberry pods are plopped down around my city I know summer is officially here despite the fact it might only be 55°F (13°C) and raining. I love passing by my neighborhood pod where if the wind […]

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Timberline Lodge Cookbook

Typically cookbook reviews are of the latest editions, but this recommendation is for a cookbook that has been around for nearly twenty-five years. I purchased my copy of  The Timberline Lodge Cookbook when we stayed at Timberline Lodge  in July of 2000 just after we got married. We were driving from Utah back to Oregon and decided to stop […]

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New potatoes

New potatoes are not unique to Sweden, but their appearance around the third week of May is a sign that summer is around the corner. For a country where winter can be as long as seven months at the northern point, anything that heralds summer is a pretty big deal.

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Fiskehoddarna & varmrökt lax with romsås

Fish huts & warm-smoked salmon with caviar sauce One of the first places I visited after moving to Malmö was the fiskehoddarna (fish huts) next to the Tekniska Museet and Sjöfartsmuseet (Technical Museum and Seafaring Museum). They are a charming row of historic fishing huts that were moved to this location in 1956 when the once […]

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