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IMG_7648_apple chutney

Äpplets dag – apple day & apple chutney recipe

September 30th is apple day in Sweden this year. It’s time to take advantage of the peak of the season with classics like Swedish apple cake with vanilla sauce, a twist on a classic – lingonberry laced applesauce, or perhaps it’s time to try something new like apple chutney, a specialty of my mother-in-law.

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Brined chicken breasts with sour cream, apple, and horseradish sauce

As I mentioned in my last post about summer vacation, it appears that summer in southern Sweden was here for one day last week, and now it’s over. But in the hope that some of you out there still have warm weather, perhaps you can still make use of this simple, summery recipe that pairs […]

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Apple salad with balsamic vinaigrette

This is a salad that surprises me. I love it even though it incorporates ingredients I’m typically not a fan of (raisins and raw celery). I first tried this salad back in graduate school. We had great potlucks and even though money was tight for most of us, people always brought something interesting to try. Like […]

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PINK FOOD WARNING! Open-faced meatball sandwich with pickled beet and apple salad

There are beet-lovers, and beet-haters. If you are the latter, I’m not going to pretend this is the recipe to win you over to the beet camp. You are better off with baby steps and the Swedish classic Biff à la Lindström. This recipe is a decidedly beet-lovers moment and even for that crowd adjusting to […]

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Applesauce with lingonberries (äpplemos med lingon)

Here is a bit of a Scandinavian twist on good ‘ol applesauce. My in-laws have a fantastic apple tree that lost a lot of apples in a wind storm. We gathered two bags full of apples just from what had fallen and there are still loads of them on the tree.

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Roasted chicken with rose hip glaze, herbs, apples, and shallots

In the recent rose hip jelly post I promised a rose hip glazed chicken recipe. This is inspired by Hank Shaw. His blog is absolutely fascinating with a wealth of information about foraging and hunting and how to cook up the bounty.

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