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IMG_3385_sugar egg

Panoramic sugar eggs

Last year I made a post about Easter (Påsk) traditions in Sweden, and this year I am sharing something that has always meant Easter to me. When I was growing up, my mother made panoramic sugar eggs every year (actually, she is still making them and has made 7 dozen this year!). They varied in […]

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Möss (mice)

IKEA has a mouse problem. I was shocked when I ran into this today.

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Svenska Siffror (Swedish Counting)

I have been coveting this book for a year and for some reason never got around to buying it until now. I recently purchased two copies, one for my own children and one as a gift.

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Brösarp steam train (Brösarp Ångtåget)

For anyone following this blog, you are well aware that this summer in Sweden has been cold, wet, and well, pretty depressing. But a couple of weeks ago there was a beautiful, sunny day that even fit into the category of being hot. And fortunately for us it happened to be the day that we […]

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Mina första 1000 ord (my first 1000 words)

We had only lived in Malmö a few days when my sister-in-law Margareta stopped by for a visit and brought Mina Första 1000 Ord by Jan Lewis. It was a gift to my then one year old daughter, Elsa, and was also intended to help me with my Swedish. The book was an instant hit with […]

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Barnkammarboken, Den Silvriga – Children’s Music

With two small kids and an hour drive to my in-laws, I am incredibly appreciative of kid’s music that doesn’t push me to the brink of temporary insanity. After listening to it hundreds of times, Barnkammarboken, Den Silvriga (Nursery book, Silver) is still a CD I enjoy.

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